The Cleaver Spitting Incident

Compliments of Nice Deb, here is the YouTube video of some evil, vile, racist, redneck teabagger hocking a huge loogie on Representative Emmanuel Cleaver.

Says Deb:

Well, here it is, and what it shows is a guy cupping his hands around his mouth to form a makeshift megaphone, hollering ” kill the bill!” as the black caucus entourage walked by. The spittle that sprayed on Cleaver was clearly unintentional …

As you could see, the guy was yelling the entire time, and there were Capital police officers accompanying the entourage the whole time. If there had been any criminality whatsoever, they would have acted.

So what we basically have is Cleaver getting too close to a guy was was yelling, and sprayed it when he should have sayed it. Oh, the racism! The violence! The hatred!

Look for this to either be ignored by the left, or somehow hailed as proof of a deliberate, racially motivated salival assault, despite the fact that it clearly isn’t.  After all, there’s a narrative to protect.


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