Tea Party and Racial Slurs (Updated)

The latest meme being circulated by the leftist media is that a recent Tea Party protest against Obamacare at the Capitol featured racial slur and homosexual epithets as their primary argument. And since everyone knows already that the Tea Party is nothing but a racist, militia-tied, KKK offshoot hate-group, we can all see that such comments represent the deepest sentiment motivating everyone to participate in the Tea Party. Yeah, right.

The Washington Post reports.

But here’s what the Politico had to say about it:

It was a tense scene outside a meeting of Democratic lawmakers as a 100 or so protesters chanted “kill the bill,” and one man launching a homophobic slur at Rep. Barney Frank.

Frank, who is gay, was leaving the Longworth House Office Building when a man yelled a charged homophobic slur at the Massachusetts lawmaker.

Other protesters quickly admonished the shouter, with one woman yelling back, “We don’t need that.”

Well, unless the Democrats want to claim that “Kill the Bill” is racist because we have a black president — a charge that wouldn’t be unprecedented — so far we have one incident of a man shouting a slur at Barney Frank, and being immediately chastised for it.

This obviously proves the deep-seated hatred in all Tea Partiers!

Later, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said that he heard from Lewis that another protestor later called him the N-word. A Lewis staffer confirmed that Lewis had been the target of that slur.

Clyburn decried that language to a group of reporters after President Barack Obama spoke to House Democrats.

“I heard people saying things today I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to try to get off the back of the bus,” Clyburn said, responding to a question about epithets uttered at his colleagues. “It was shocking to me.”


A spokesman for Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) issued a statement Saturday evening confirming earlier second-hand reports that the Congressman had been spit on, and again equating the health care bill with the civil rights movement:

“For many of the members of the CBC, like John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver who worked in the civil rights movement, and for Mr. Frank who has struggled in the cause of equality, this is not the first time they have been spit on during turbulent times.

I seriously question Cleaver’s accusation. The man is known for his dishonesty and hyperbole, and having lived in Kansas City while that crook was mayor, I would not doubt in the least that he made such a charge up, especially given his immediate rhetoric equating his allegedly being spit on with the suffering of those during the civil rights movement. (Hey, weren’t those civil rights workers being spit on by Democrats?)

Cleaver alleged that an entire group of people shouted a “chorus” of racial slurs as he marched by. This seems highly unlikely. In a group of that many people, with that much media coverage, can anyone seriously think that such a think wouldn’t be captured on film and broadcast across the land?

Rick Moran at the American Thinker mentions this issue, especially with Cleaver’s charges.

“Cleaver,” [reporter William] Douglas reported, “said he was a few yards behind Lewis and distinctly heard ‘nigger.’ ‘It was a chorus,’ Cleaver said.”
I presumed that the available videotaped evidence would support Cleaver’s claim.  It has not.  The “chorus” of the people in the video is clearly saying “Kill the Bill.” Chances are that Douglas edited his comments to suggest that the “chorus” was shouting racial epithets.  If Douglas did this, he should be fired.
Wait, there was such a video? Oh, so these vicious slurs were taped, and the hatred of the Tea Party can be shown!
Dana Leosch, talk radio host of the aptly named Dana Show, presents the video:

A CNN reporter, yes, CNN, the home of the infamous Susan Rosegen, claimed to have heard racist slurs and shouts; other bloggers picked it up. I mean, if you’re going to smear a group of people by claiming that they were shouting slurs, perhaps make sure you don’t post video that completely refutes your claim and makes you look like a race hustler. Just saying.

That’s exactly what it is: race hustling. Identity prostitution and the Democrat party is the biggest pimp of all. To say nothing of Al Gore’s fleecing of the Cheyenne and Arapaho (I take interest in indigenous affairs because of my family’s proud heritage); the evisceration of under-privileged kids in DC to go to better schools via vouchers; Obama bringing in Sharpton to quiet the black community’s concerns that the administration’s economic policies are hurting them; or the cover up of the Gladney hate crime (and the socialists who called him an array of slurs); Democrats use minorities as nothing more than tools to claim power. It’s disgusting and as many, including Jay Stewart, Andre Harper, Charles Lollar, Stephanie Rubach, and others have said, inherently racist. These activists have spent so much of their lives asking the Democrats where is the progress? and pointing out how certain policies destroy their communities.

Socialists go about their concern for civil rights in the same manner that fake Christians go about their faith: they only take it out for the times they think people are watching or when they think that they could gain something from it. They hang it up in the closet when not in use.

What John Lewis (and others) went through was horrible, no doubt, but there is irony in that he now advocates for the same party which oppressed him during the civil rights era – it was the Democrats who set a record 83-day filibuster of the Civil Rights Act, by the way.

The Left Coast Rebel also picks up on this, and refers to the video.
Yesterday, at a Tea Party gathering in Washington D.C. to protest ObamaCare, the racist card was pulled. Allegedly remarks that were racist and homophobic were shouted at certain black lawmakers and Barney Frank (D-MA). If  this is true (the following video casts question on the claims validity) it is repugnant, reprehensible, disrespectful, and lacking any place in American civil society. Rationale Nation USA goes on record  condemning any such behavior by anyone at any time.
However, to characterize the Tea Party movement in general as racist or homophobic, as some have attempted to do is ridiculous. Just as there are bad apples in any race, ethnicity, groups of people, nations etc. so to one can expect the Tea Party has some kooks and lunatics as well. But a few kooks and lunatics is not representative of the body as a whole.
Rick Moran also mentions the fact that of all the videos that have emerged, none show shouts of racial epithets:
Now let’s be clear and let’s be fair; it is possible that Rep. Lewis – an icon of the Civil Rights Movement who suffered and nearly died for his advocacy – did indeed, hear the “N” word shouted at him either before this camera started to roll or after it stopped. After all, the recording is only 22 seconds long and only proves that for those 22 seconds, it is impossible to make out any “screams” or “shouts” of the “N” word.But the fact is, all we have is his word for it. There is no video or audio evidence that has surfaced that would confirm his very serious charges. On the other hand, we have the video above that debunks them.

Who to believe?

Lewis has earned the right to be believed. Would he abuse that trust to make up charges like this in order to cast aspersions on a very effective lobbying force against health care reform? I honestly don’t know. But I believe he would not be above exaggerating what happened in order to score political points against his enemies.

Indeed, even if a few yahoos tossed racial epithets in Lewis’ direction, is that any cause to tar the entire 10,000 strong protest with the smear of “racist?” Certainly not. And if he’s going to make that charge, he better have a helluva lot more proof than his say so.

One thing does need to be mentioned, and Moran does pick up on it — the possibility of a Democratic plant. It is not unheard of — in fact, has become fairly common — for individuals at conservatives rallies who shout racial slurs to be revealed to be liberal plants trying to make conservatives look bad. When the Tea Party started gathering steam, this occurred quite often. But the fact that the one confirmed incident of a slur — with Barney Frank — was responded to with an immediate admonishment to cease such comments, I find it hard to believe that an entire group of people at this rally shouted out racial slurs and got away with it, especially given the complete lack of evidence for it.

I also find the Left’s faux outrage pretty, well, outrageous, given the frequency of insults, slurs, epithets, and even death threats at their riots protests.

The Troubled Patriot also mentions the simple fact that, unlike left-wing protests, the Washington rally was completely non-violent, as well as the fact that it is curious that racial animosity should appear so suddenly, given that despite claims by the left, there has been no evidence of it at all in the Tea Party movement.

The libs have been caught red handed before with all sorts of plants. How can it be that all of a sudden the conservative movement has been infused with racism? Or perhaps it is simply a very limited few are hijacking the movement to practicing hate? One thing is for certain, if this had been a common attitude among the protesters all year long, the lap dog media would have picked up and reported on it.

While we’re on this subject, how come the leftist media has constantly swept under the rug all the hate that the left has committed against the right? It happens all the time, but is ignored by those who are supposed to be neutral in their reporting. Conservatives have complained about this double standard for decades, but the “impartial media” refuses to hear or even care.

Regardless of the truth of today’s events, one thing is for sure: no buildings were damaged, no vehicles over thrown, and no physical violence was committed (as opposed to the race riots in L.A. after the Rodney King trial). How quickly the media seems to forget…

This seems to be another fabricated non-issue. Even on the chance that there was a person at the rally that did shout a racial slur — which there is no real evidence for — and that such a person was not a Democratic plant, I don’t see how any responsible or competent journalist can make a report that whole groups of people were shouting such slurs, and that it represents the Tea Party as a whole.

The Democrats are getting desperate, and will resort to any tactics they can to smear and discredit conservatives.

*Updated 23 Mar 2010*

Most of my criticism has been directed at Emmanuel Cleaver and the media portrayal of this event. As far as I’m concerned, Cleaver has shown himself to be totally untrustworthy in all things, and I give no credence to his claims of being spit on.

Martin Knight at Red State goes further, and accuses John Lewis of lying about the incident:

Let’s be blunt; John Lewis is a liar. He claimed the N-word was “shouted” over and over at him and yet no camera among the many there has caught anything of the sort. In other words, there is no doubt about it; he was and is lying straight through his teeth. As so is McClatchy’s William Douglas who filed the story, no doubt knowing full-well that it was false.

This is nothing but Standard Democrat Operating Procedure; shrieking accusations of racism, knowing they would be uncritically echoed by masquerading partisan operatives in the media like William Douglas, is as integral to Democrat politics as funneling taxpayer money to public employee unions for them to kickback into their campaign war chests. There has not been a single competitive election, legislative battle or even debate on the issues in the past four decades that Democrats have parachuted charges of racism and “hate.”

It is what Democrats use as shorthand for “I disagree”; it’s what they call their kids when they don’t do their homework. How does anyone think it became racist for one to be pro-life, or pro-school vouchers when the vast majority of black parents support school choice?


The fact that Lewis is a Civil Rights icon doesn’t change the fact that he has since become a party-hack Democrat and doesn’t make him any less likely to be a liar. I mean, doesn’t it strike anyone as odd the very fact that the Tea Partiers couldn’t find any other black Democrat to yell racial slurs at except *John Lewis*?

Cleaver and Lewis both made accusations that there were large groups of people at the protest chanting racial slurs as a group effort. All of the videos of the event show otherwise: not one has surfaced that shows racial slurs being chanted en masse.

Knight has brought up a good point, though. No one is questioning Lewis’ account because of his history as a civil rights icon. I’m even hesitant to say that he’s lying.

Does the fact that Lewis was a strong figure in the civil rights movement mean that he couldn’t be lying about this incident? The obvious answer is no, it doesn’t.

Whether Lewis heard someone use a racial slur toward him isn’t the point. It’s whether a large group of people chanted racial slurs repeatedly at him and Cleaver, as it is this alleged group action that supposedly shows the underlying hatred and racism of the Tea Party.  There is no evidence for it, at all.

I’d hate to admit it, but unless some evidence emerges showing this mass outburst, we may have to accept that Lewis was being less than truthful.

Oh, but criticizing a civil rights icon is racist, isn’t it? I guess I just can’t win.

Michael Moynihan at Reason Magazine also questions the media’s blinding acceptance of this story that has no shred of evidence:

[T]o crib from President Obama, let me be clear: It wouldn’t surprise me if an angry troglodyte shouted a racial insult at Lewis. Indeed, multiple witnesses confirm that Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was called a “homo” by a Tea Partier, though Politico reports that he was quickly admonished by those standing nearby.

The problem, though, is that in a sea of video cameras no one caught the offending taunt. Some footage of protesters confronting Lewis can be viewed here and here. All this is rather strange considering Rep. Andre Carson’s (D-Ind.) claim that the offending slur was shouted “at least 15 times.” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) heard “a chorus” of racism and claims he was spat upon. Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) one-upped Cleaver, claiming to “have heard things today that I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to get off the back of the bus.”

Perhaps it is my instinct to distrust politicians (an instinct the media typically avails themselves of—except in situations like these), and especially politicians trying to push through health care legislation, but these claims seem suspicious. It would be useful if those covering the story asked if the shouts were from just one jackass or it constituted a “chorus”? Was it really as bad as the desegregation battles of 1960’s South Carolina? If someone did shout a racial slur at Lewis—and again, this seems entirely possible, though no one has corroborated it and the paucity of video evidence is curious—it is certainly deserving of strong condemnation, though hardly proves Olbermann’s assertion that racism is at “the heart” of the Tea Party movement.

It’s just fantastic that the Left can make any blanket accusations they want against conservatives, and the media will repeat them as fact with no questions asked. It certainly must be more convenient than actually having to answer conservative criticisms of liberal policies.

*Updated 24 Mar 2010*

Jim Hoft at Gatewaypundit looks at the number of video cameras evident at the Tea Party in question, and asks a simple question: if there were so many cameras, and there were large groups of people shouting racial slurs, why is there no evidence of it? Hrm, just perhaps it didn’t happen.

Obviously, there were no racist attacks on the Democratic Representatives on Saturday. Not one of these protesters, not one of these representatives, have any video proof that anything happened. But, that didn’t stop the media from promoting this bogus story.

Meanwhile, the media did miss several vulgar attacks by Democratic Politicians on the protesters. On Monday Rep. Maxine Waters called the protesters “teabaggers.” It wasn’t the first time. Jesse Jackson Sr. actually taunted tea party protesters and grabbed at their signs on Sunday night in Washington DC. And, on Monday, hateful Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) said that Republicans and tea party protesters drive teens to suicide.

Oddly enough, the most evidence we have for any kind of harassment at the event is from this video, compliments of Doug Powers:

Watch in horror as absolutely nobody in the crowd calls Jackson any offensive names, in spite of Jesse’s best efforts — but there is one protester who’s so racist that he won’t let Jackson take his sign:

Brent Bozell at NewsBuster has been rather upset by the continued slurring of the Tea Party:

The media coverage from other networks – particularly ABC and CBS – the past few days has followed suit, attributing to the millions of Americans who fiercely oppose ObamaCare the disgraceful outbursts of a few. See supporting evidence below.

Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center, issued the following statement:

“What an exercise in hypocrisy. Some of you in the left-wing so-called ‘news’ media have actively participated in insulting conservatives with vulgar ‘tea bagging’ jokes. You’ve done it on live national television, snickering at your own snarky gay sense of humor. And if you haven’t done that, you have been a coward, doing nothing to condemn your colleagues for their disgusting behavior.

“Don’t you dare give us any more lectures on civility. You hypocrites disgust me.”

I’ve been pretty disgusted with this whole thing myself. For the past year, I’ve been told by the media, professors, and even friends that positions I support are motivated not by an understanding of the Constitution, but by racism, sexism, homophobia, and outright hatred. And this faux event is being offered up as evidence that all of those unsubstantiated charges of the past year are true.

I actually just had an incident in which, after complaining at the fact that I’m tired of being constantly labeled a racist and hatemonger, a friend of mine told me that, in effect, I was asking for it, because of all of the racism and hatred that was evident at Tea Party events. Apparently, if you point out that the media narrative is wrong, then you’re illustrating that the media narrative is, in fact, right, and it’s your fault that you’re being slandered because you associate with those people.

These attacks will continue, despite a complete lack of evidence. The left will do what it can to destroy the Tea Party by convincing people that anyone involved in it is racist, and will dismiss anyone associated with it.


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  1. #1 by Phil on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 12:50

    Good article. I like how you showed without a doubt the double standard going on as well as the fact that they ARE getting desperate.

    Racism is always their last resort – name calling is their forte.

  2. #2 by leaveusalone on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 14:34

    I was there, and there were a few that did do this, but don’t deny it and call those liars because it was true. Some of us tried to reason with those fired up but we need to address this as not all only a few are out of line. Let’s keep the fight clean, after all we are all Americans.

  3. #3 by Larry Seeley on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 16:09

    You are very deranged, but it’s a free country.

  4. #4 by Sandy Trent on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 16:27

    The low life white trash and their racist diatribes were recorded and replayed for all to hear. That is fact.

    So open up a new page from your McCarthy and other great lie heroes.

    • #5 by The Republican Heretic on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 19:56

      Recorded and replayed where? Show me a video. YouTube? The only videos I have seen show nothing of the sort. Please, sent me a link to a video that show this. Please.

      But thanks for illustrating the anger and venom on the left that is eager to put down those who disagree with them as white trash and racist. Because as we know, if even one Tea Partier made a racial slur, then all Tea Patiers must be driven only by racism.

    • #6 by sheri on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 20:06

      I want to see the video, where is it at, it would have been on cnn, nbc, cnbc, the lap dog media( that promotes their propaganda)for the democrats. and played for weeks, i think your a nut job..

  5. #7 by E. Huff Colbert on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 17:37

    This has earned a place among the stupidest f’ing articles I’ve ever read. Most of the article is concerned with pointing out that there is overwhelming video evidence that racial slurs were never hurled during this event; then it’s mentioned that if they did occur, it was probably the work of one or more plants. So which is it? If the incident didn’t happen, did these plants forget to do their job? Or were the plants only there if, contrary to the overwhelming video evidence mentioned in the article, the racial slurs actually were being hurled?

    The “sources” given in the article are also ridiculous; if one wanted to construct an alternate reality for oneself, the links given in this article would be a good place to start.

    • #8 by The Republican Heretic on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 20:03

      The claim made by Senator Cleaver is that there was a large group of people shouting racial slurs “in a chorus.” There is no evidence that this happened. If any such slurs were uttered, they were done so by very few individuals, which by no means illustrates a group opinion, and could have easily been the work of plants, especially given that the Democrats have used plants in Tea Party protests in this way before. There is only evidence of one person making a slur at anyone, it wasn’t racial, and the person was immediately condemned. How do any of these contradict each other? And more importantly, how does even a few isolated people demonstrate widespread racism among the Tea Party?

      • #9 by Robert LoCicero on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 20:51

        Let’s go to the video tape. This abuse has been going on since last summer. Where have you been?

      • #10 by The Republican Heretic on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 21:02

        What “abuse?” People gathering peacefully to demonstrate their displeasure with the government? Is that abusive somehow? I had thought that was the kind of thing that was, you know, protected by the Constitution and all.

        So I ask, where are these videos you speak of? Where are the rallies of evil Tea Partiers chanting racist slogans? Or carrying racist signs? Or rioting in the streets, destroying property? You’ll find more of that in the videos of the student protests in California.

      • #11 by E. Huff Colbert on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 22:23

        “And more importantly, how does even a few isolated people demonstrate widespread racism among the Tea Party?”

        It doesn’t. Anyone claiming that a few individuals shouting racial slurs is evidence that every single “member” of the tea party is racist is a moron. If there are any sources in the mainstream media making this claim, please provide a link. Otherwise, your entire article is a straw man argument.

        Anyway, if the above quote is the point of your article, you might want to consider rewriting it, as very little of your article is dedicated to that point. Your claim that there is no evidence that the chorus of slurs occurred may be true if you believe that John Lewis a liar, and therefore his word cannot be taken as evidence. There is definitely no evidence that plants were used, yet you freely write about that to support your arguments. You appear to live in a very selective world, and this is the kind of stuff that makes me wanna puke on both ends of the political spectrum.

        Anyway, if you don’t see any contradictions in your arguments, please clarify your position on what you you think happened. Was it:

        1. There were no racial slurs
        2. There were racial slurs, but they were carried out by plants.
        3. You have no idea what happened, so you quoted a bunch of sources that support your ideology.

      • #12 by The Republican Heretic on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 08:36

        Oh, a list. You’ve got me.

        What I said in my original post:
        “Cleaver alleged that an entire group of people shouted a “chorus” of racial slurs as he marched by.”

        “the fact that the one confirmed incident of a slur — with Barney Frank — was responded to with an immediate admonishment to cease such comments, I find it hard to believe that an entire group of people at this rally shouted out racial slurs and got away with it, especially given the complete lack of evidence for it.”

        “I don’t see how any responsible or competent journalist can make a report that whole groups of people were shouting such slurs, and that it represents the Tea Party as a whole.”

        And in my comment:
        “The claim made by Senator Cleaver is that there was a large group of people shouting racial slurs “in a chorus.” There is no evidence that this happened. If any such slurs were uttered, they were done so by very few individuals, which by no means illustrates a group opinion”

        So somehow I am denying that anyone ever uttered a racial slur at the event? Or am I debunking a claim that a huge group of people shouted such slurs in a chorus, because Tea Partiers are all racist? The only ideology I see at stake here is the tired and sad media meme that Tea Parties are rife with racism, violence, and hatred, and despite being active for almost a year with no evidence of that, Cleaver’s accusations are being held aloft by an eager media desperate to continue that narrative, and convince people like you that there are no viable concerns voiced by the Tea Party, because everyone in it is racist. Gosh, it seems to be working.

        I will say that for the record, I do not believe Senator Cleaver. The man is slightly less ethical than Al Sharpton, and will do or say anything to advance himself.

  6. #13 by Robert LoCicero on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 20:50

    I suppose the anti-Healthcare bill crowd was just having a discussion when they abused that man with Parkinson disease. You never noticed the Nazi symbols during the Autumn Tea Party events? Or that fellow carrying a weapon near the President. What kind of Americans are you guys anyway? My father did not become a casualty at Anzio beach for some individuals to behave like stormtroopers in the 21st Century.

    • #14 by The Republican Heretic on Sun 21 Mar 2010 - 21:00

      Abused a man with Parkinson’s disease? You mean the guy that came out and sat down in the street to act as a prop for the Democrats? The guy that had medical coverage, but claimed he didn’t?

      And what “Nazi symbols” are you talking about? The Don’t Tread on Me flag? Do you have anything to offer other than “you right-wingers are nazis and racists!”? The Nazi Party supported socialized medicine. Did your father become a casualty so that politicians here in America could enact the fascist policies he fought to stop? So that politicians could use dubious means to force through legislation that puts 1/6 of the economy under control of the government, against the will of the people? And so that people who opposed those actions could be demonized and intimidated in an effort to silence them?

      • #15 by E. Huff Colbert on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 08:48

        It must be very convenient to pass off any people whose actions don’t fit your paranoid delusions as “props” or “plants”.

        The guy *does* have medical coverage, you are correct about that. As far as I’m aware he never claimed he didn’t, but regardless of that his coverage only partially paid for his 150K surgery.

        All of that is beside the point, though. The tea partiers mocking the individual with Parkinson’s weren’t mocking him for being a “prop” or for already having coverage, they were mocking him for “wanting a handout”, and you appear to be defending their actions. Anyone who would argue that their actions are even remotely defensible has no shred of human decency or compassion, despite any shrill protests to the contrary.

      • #16 by The Republican Heretic on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 09:43

        I didn’t comment on their actions one way or another. I pointed out that the guy went out of his way to instigate a response, by walking into the middle of a Tea Party protest and sitting down in the middle of the street. And yes, he was a plant — he was brought in and encouraged by a Democratic group.

        You seem to like to argue against points I don’t make. I guess if it makes you feel better about yourself, go ahead.

  7. #17 by E. Huff Colbert on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 08:54

    “convince people like you that there are no viable concerns voiced by the Tea Party, because everyone in it is racist. Gosh, it seems to be working.”

    Did you even read my post? I pointed out very clearly that I *don’t* believe that. Here is the quote from my post:

    “Anyone claiming that a few individuals shouting racial slurs is evidence that every single “member” of the tea party is racist is a moron”.

    I am wasting my time here. Have fun with your alternate reality.

    • #18 by The Republican Heretic on Mon 22 Mar 2010 - 09:44

      Well, if I didn’t read your post, then does that make us even? Since you don’t seem to have read mine. If our point is the same, then you seem to be awfully upset about it for some reason.

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