That Was Quick

Michelle Bachman has already introduced legislation to repeal Obamacare.

Thanks for the big hustle, but I’m not overly confident that it will have much of a chance to make it through just yet.

Joseph Lawder at American Spectator seems inclined to agree that a repeal effort is not likely to succeed for some time, possibly not until after the 2012 elections.

[T]he reality is that the reform bill passed yesterday has changed the landscape irrevocably: Republicans simply cannot repeal the bill until 2012, and even then they would probably need both the presidency and a filibuster-proof majority. Who knows what the political dynamics will look like by then?

Lawder goes on to analyze parts of the bill intended to be re-worked before it actually goes into effect. Ironically, the bill needs to repeal part of itself before it can work the way Dems want it to.

Although Obamacare is billed as comprehensive, a lot of policy remains effectively up in the air, as critical aspects of the bill will change even before official implementation. This reality is partly a consequence of the long lags before important measures come online and partly a consequence of the steps the Democrats had to take to woo key players and navigate the legislative process. For example, as Phil suggests, the left will continue to try to introduce a single-payer system, within the new framework of Obamacare.  The Tax Policy Center’s Howard Gleckman highlights two other major provisions of Obamacare that are likely to undergo significant changes before they ever come into effect: the Medicare tax and the Cadillac tax on gilded health care plans.


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