Five Keys to Killing Obamacare

John Hawkins presents a Townhall piece in which he outlines five key elements of getting Obamacare repealed:

This is an unconstitutional bill that will increase taxes, increase premiums, hurt Medicare, explode the deficit, federally fund abortions, lead to rationing, reduce quality of care, and dramatically increase the government’s control over your life.

Moreover, unlike Social Security and Medicare, which were both popular bills that were passed with large bipartisan majorities, this bill is unpopular, passed without Republican support, and most of the “benefits” don’t come into effect until 2014. That gives us an opportunity to do something that rarely happens in American politics: We have a legitimate chance to repeal an entitlement program.

Some people in the heat of the moment are talking about repealing Obamacare like it’s a given that’s bound to happen. It’s not. It’s going to be hard work, the results will be uncertain, and it will take years of political combat against utterly amoral opponents who have no qualms about lying, handing out bribes, or shredding the Constitution to get their way.

Read the whole thing here.



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