Deem and Pass Dead?

Apparently the Democrats in the House have been picking up on some of the ire against their shenanigans. Deem and Pass will not be used, and there will be a direct vote on Obamacare in the House.

Legal Insurrection isn’t so sure that the games are over:

The House is getting the Senate bill, because the amendments will be the subject of trench warfare in the Senate under the reconciliation process.

Obama will sign the Senate bill, then move on to other things.

This is and always has been word games.

Any House member who votes for the Senate bill will have to live with the consequences of forcing the country to live with the Senate bill.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air also comments:

So what does this mean?  Hard to say.  It could be that the heat on Democrats for using DemonPass made it too difficult to hold onto votes; Pelosi may have calculated that she’d net more votes if she split the bills properly.  On the other hand, it could also mean that Pelosi has all the votes she needs and no longer needs the self-executing rule to get the bill out of the House.

If anyone wonders which it is, Major Garrett of Fox News helpfully tweeted that he believes that Pelosi now has the votes for tomorrow.  If that’s too pessimistic for you, remember that DemonPass was intended to protect Dems opposed to the Cadillac Tax and other issues in the Senate bill.  The politics of the bill have only become more fraught since they floated that strategy, which could mean that Democrats now think it won’t pass — and need a reason for its demise other than a failure of Pelosi to whip the count.  I lean more towards the former than the latter, but until the vote gets taken (or doesn’t), we won’t know for sure which applies.

Michelle Malkin is hopeful that pressure from conservatives is working.

It should be apparent that this still isn’t over. It just means that the Democrats will be resorting to tricks we aren’t sure about yet to get this monstrosity passed. Employing the Slaughter Rule offered a clear avenue to have Obamacare struck down — now they may find away that won’t be as easy to overcome.

We’ll have to watch the vote and see how it goes.

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