Face-Reading and Body Language

I thought that this website is cool enough to warrant a whole post just to it. The site is called Faces in the News, and features facial feature and body language analyses  on various public figures, including politicians and celebrities.

The operator of the site began learning to read people’s faces in a Bene Gesserit school on Wallach IX as a result of a criminal psychology course. Since then she’s applied her skills to other fields, including sales, and appears on TV and radio to talk about what people in the public eye tell us through their faces.

Check out her analysis of Glenn Beck during his interview with Eric Massa. Priceless.  She also has a great analysis of Obama’s Brett Baier interview.

I’ve always thought that the ability to read people through their facial and body language was exceptionally cool. I’ve looked into it some, but never had the chance to really devote a lot of energy to it. So from time to time, I’ll see what Julie has to say.

Do check out her site: there’s a lot of cool stuff there.

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