NPR Fearmongering “Patriots”

It appears that discussions of the blame game and the left demonizing the right for things it hasn’t done are far from over. Following a meme already developed by the left, NPR has run a slanderous hit-piece that refers to an upswing in “right-wing hate groups” and “patriot groups” and a potential increase in violence from these groups.  The proof? Why, Joe Stack and Patrick Bedell, both insane and both left-of-center politically. It’s great to know that right-wing extremism is to blame for left-wing nutjobs killing people.

The NPR piece references the far-left propaganda machine, the Southern Poverty Law center, which has a long history of ignoring violent groups on the left and classifying any right-wing political group it can find as violent and hate-filled.

Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News comments:

The piece goes on to report that this sort of violence is a “troubling trend” and lays it all at the feet of “patriot and militia groups.”

NPR then tries to prove its case by discussing the two most recent sensational attackers on government facilities; Joe Stack and John Patrick Bedell.

Joe Stack, a disturbed man who crashed his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas back in February, was not known to have any ties to any tea party group, any “patriot” group, or other right-wing groups. His manifesto reads like a confused communist rant with hate for the U.S. government and George W. Bush liberally sprinkled throughout. But NPR lumps this nut in with the right with claims that they are all dangerous to government officials and facilities.

NPR similarly uses as proof of these dangerous patriots the disturbed actions of John Patrick Bedell who opened fire on officers near the Pentagon on March 4. Bedell was an anti-war protestor, heavy marijuana user, and exhibited paranoia for which he refused to seek medical help. Bedell also has no known ties to tea party groups, any political organizations, or NPR’s frightening “patriot groups.”

Yet NPR put forth both of these sick-minded men as examples of “patriots” that have become dangerous and unstable. If NPR wasn’t saying so why include them in this report?


So, for its expert on those monstrous patriot groups, NPR turns to a group that has ties to the Socialist Workers Party, George Soros, and the anti-Christian ACLU and then expects us to think such an organization should be accepted as an unbiased news source! Apparently NPR does expect us all to accept as gospel its left-biased report on how dangerous those “patriots” are, but I hope America is more skeptical than that.

And the left tries to claim that there is no bias in the media. Oh and let’s not forget who pays for NPR. You do, fellow taxpayer.


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