Political Digest: 17 Mar 2010

As it’s a sick day, I figured I’d at least throw up some links of interest:

Monty Pelerin at the American Thinker offers a debunking of Keynesian economics.

Jillian Bandes at Townhall comments on the fact that people who rely on food stamps are more likely to be fat.

Zombie highlights the infighting going on in the Left Coast anarchism movement.

Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy analyzes the justification for banning gays from donating blood.

David Boaz at the Cato Institute chimes in on the imposition of more and more personal questions in the US census, and the collection of  those data.

Counterculture Conservative brings us back to the elitism and condescension of the left, as exemplified by Bill Maher.


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