Public Health Workforce Corps

Michael Geer at American Thinker highlights a provision hidden in the monstrosity that is the Reconciliation bill (.pdf, and very, very huge) which would create a National Public Health Workforce Corps. (I wonder if it’s supposed to be pronounced like “corpse”?)

It speaks of regular and reserve Officers, scholarships, loans, obligated service, individual contracts, training centers, the traditional income redistribution scheme of grants and grant proposals, etc. The debt repayment provisions are especially attractive to certain sectors of our population. It appears to be an indentured servitude gig. You sign up, do your part for nationalizing health care and the Corps will get the American taxpayer to foot the bill for your training and educational costs and retire your debts. Of course, if pinned down, I’m sure this will be characterized as a draft, a proposal, need to modify, hasn’t been reconciled yet or any of a number of ways to weasel the simple truth that until Nancy Pelosi votes on it she won’t have any idea what’s in this ‘Bill’.

The provision starts on page 911, section 2231.

Of course, the Reconciliation bill isn’t the real bill, but just a 2300-page placeholder, so we don’t know what will be in a finalized version. But I’m sure it will be for our own good, since we don’t know better, so we should move forward and embrace it! Sure, whatever.


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