War on the Establishment Media and the Deification of Obama

Quinn Hillyer at the American Spectator calls for an all-out war on the mainstream media. The main point of contention here is an LA Times article attacking Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for her political activism, apparently on the grounds that her activities constitute some kind of conflict of interest for Justice Thomas. Andy McCarthy at the National Review Online takes a pretty aggressive tone against the LA Times, and Hillyer supports his position.

Hillyer believes that this kind of attack is not only biased and according to a double-standard held against conservatives, but is in fact an indication of the full-scale degeneration of the mainstream media and their brand of journalism:

I say that the establishment media is, as a collective entity, intellectually and ethically corrupt. Not just liberal, but intellectually dishonest, often knowingly, to a stupendous degree. So many examples could be given, but here’s one that is apt right now:

There is no standard too duplicitous on which these media folks will act on behalf of their liberal ideology. If Democrats break 214 years of tradition and all prior understandings of how judges get confirmed (in an up-or-down vote), and filibuster judicial nominees almost willy-nilly, a few brave establishment media souls tut-tut a little bit while STILL expressing sympathy for their aims but not their methods. When Republicans try to kill those judicial filibusters, while preserving all other filibusters, the media goes bat-sh*+ about the Republicans’ plans. So it’s worse to act to maintain 214 years of tradition and the spirit of the Constitution than it is to trample that tradition and spirit.

But when the Republicans want to USE the filibuster the way it has now been used for decades, on a major piece of legislation, and the Democrats want to overcome the filibuster by trampling all tradition, suddenly there is only the mildest tut-tutting about the Dems’ trampling of what the media just five years ago had called a sacred insitution. So its okay to abuse the power of the filibuster, against tradition and the spirit of the Constitution, if you are a liberal, but also okay to undermine the power of the filibuster, again against all tradition, if you are a liberal. So now you can’t use the filibuster the way it has always been used, but you can use the filibuster the way it’s never been used — again, only if you are a liberal. And if you fight against those abuses either way, you are a partisan hack.

Kathleen McKinley at Right Wing News also comments.

The bias of the so-called mainstream media is becoming more and more blatant, and the Thomas issue is just one more indication of it. Given the media’s near-worship of the President and harsh attacks on anyone who questions his policy, is it any wonder that more and more people get their new online, or from Fox News?

Oh, did I say “near-worship”? Come to think of it, it isn’t really near, it’s pretty dead-on.

Check out this picture:

Nice Deb points out that while so many conservatives have joked about “the Obamasiah,” they may have been underestimating just how accurate that image may be as far as how the media are depicting him.

The Counterculture Conservative remarks that by deifying Obama, the media are demonizing his opposition, an observation that should be obvious but is fairly astute.

Donald Douglas at American Power points out that despite the meme floating about that the media are disenchanted with President Obama, they are still pushing the “lightworker” image of him with full force.

Jeannie DeAngelis at American Thinker wonders if such a depiction by the Times goes against their stated position in support of separation of church and state. (Good question – if Obama is a god, does his holding office violate the establishment clause?)

Doug Ross offers an analysis of the iconography employed by the Times:

Let’s review the central attributes of the photograph:

  • Obama, in what has become a tradition for the media, is deified with lighting that resembles a halo (ever recall the use of similar lighting for George W. Bush?)
  • Deification is further emphasized through the use of a cross watermark, courtesy of a mosaic filter
  • The focus, however, is on Obama’s single upraised finger, the digit pointing towards the heavens, as if to say “I am the one that can save us, as it was foretold by the ancients.” Or something.
  • The White House, a tiny, nearly transparent reflection, is located below the President; it seemingly says that the man is bigger than the office. He is more real. He is more important. He is the One.

Of course, in real life, Barack Obama appears to be little more than a cigarette-puffing Chicago pol, trained in the Alinsky school, whose doctor recently requested cut down on his drinking.

And for more evidence of the MSM’s cheerleading for Obama and his policies, NewBusters presents a compilation of the past year’s most blatant media shilling for Obamacare.

Perhaps at this point a full-scale war on ye olde tyme establishment media is warranted, at least until they get the point and focus on journalism instead of pushing socialism, and decide to report on the President instead of deifying him.

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