Obama and Cuba

Megan Smith at American Thinker compares some of President Obama’s progressive policy proposals to those currently being enacted in Cuba:

Interested in seeing Barack Obama’s dreams for the U.S. in real time? Pack some toilet paper, Tylenol, and towels. Then hop a plane to Cuba. Just ninety miles off Florida’s coast, Obama’s ideas are alive and kicking.

In fact, visiting Cuba today may be more meaningful than ever before. Touring the country of 11 million lets you see everything the far left “knows” is right, just, and good for all of us.


Here’s something on Obama’s wish list: the civilian security system. In Cuba, it’s called the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, or the CDR. Billed initially as an extra security force, “a collective system of revolutionary vigilance,” it puts at least one government spy in the neighborhood. And those spies monitor everything. Even an extra bag of groceries is suspect.

Obama’s mandatory national service? Alive and well in Cuba. Eighteen-year-olds complete military or social service. (Many believe that this is additional indoctrination.) Those not attending higher education serve two years, while the rest serve only one. In this communal “utopia,” there’s plenty of discrimination.

Of course, there’s free health care, which Cubans (and Michael Moore) are programmed to hype to Americans. They tell you that Fidel brought universal health care. Sounds terrific, right? All services free? Docs earning 250 pesos a month, yet working nonstop? What could be better?

Well…remember that Tylenol? It’s a donation to Cuba. Cuba’s health care has “minor” glitches like no medicines. There aren’t over-the-counter or prescription drugs, vitamins, or supplies like diabetic strips. There’s inferior training, doctor shortages, rationed care, and a lack of equipment. (A few years ago, Havana — a city of 2 ½ million — had only one MRI machine.) The hospitals are in terrible shape, and the system is economically draining.  Actually, some with money might get better care, but they pay under the table.

It may seem a little extreme to compare Obama’s policies to those of communist Cuba. But I’ll have to admit, some of the similarities between what he’s proposed and supported, and what Cuba does, are disturbing. Even more disturbing are the results.

Read the whole thing here.


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