Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Department of Education Requisitions Shotguns

There seem to have been several government agencies that have been buying up guns. Now the department of education is getting in on the action, rquisitioning 27 new shotguns. Why does the Department of Education need any guns at all? Aren’t schools gun-free zones?

From the American Thinker:

Now I don’t know what’s scarier:  The fact that the DoE feels it is necessary to purchase these shotguns or the fact that the type of shotguns DoE wants have been chosen “based on compatibility with ED (Department of Education) existing shotgun inventory…”  This raises more questions than it answers.

Since when did the DoE become an agency that needed firepower?  How do the Dems and Libs justify this purchase while passionately protesting for gun-free schools?  Is there some sort of enforcement arm of DoE that we don’t know about?  Or is this just in preparation for the enforcement/expansion of the liberal agenda in our nation’s school systems?

Read about it here.


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