Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Bikini Area

Okay, seriously? How does this work? I mean, how can you physically sit behind the driver’s seat and get yourself into the position you need to be in to shave your pubic hair?

From WTVT Fox in Tampa, FL:

Megan Mariah Barnes, a 37-year-old woman, caused a car crash when she had her ex-husband take the wheel from the passenger seat while she shaved her bikini area.

Barnes was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and told authorities she wanted to be “ready for the visit” reports WJZ.com .

What an understanding ex-husband she had, that he was willing to hold the wheel while she trimmed the bushes. I wouldn’t want to be around my ex-wife while she trimmer her pubes, and certainly wouldn’t let her do it while driving. At what point are you such a moron that it doesn’t occur to you to tell your ex that shaving her crotch while driving a car might not be a good idea?

Barnes should not have been driving in the first place. The day before the accident, she had been convicted and sentenced to nine months of probation for DUI and driving with a suspended license. Her license was revoked for five years and she was to have taken her car to be impounded reports KeysNews.com .

Well, color me surprised.

I wonder if they’ll let her shave her pubes while she’s in jail?


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