Eric Massa Appears on Glenn Beck

For anyone who missed Glenn Beck’s hour-long interview with Eric Massa, trust me, you didn’t miss it. I’m not sure what Beck was hoping to gain by having Massa on, but perhaps he was looking for some actual accounts of corruption on the Hill. Instead, he got an hour of television so dismal and frustrating that even Arianna Huffington felt bad for him.

Massa did cop to groping and wrestling with male aides in a DC bachelor pad, although he claims that it was nothingmore than a birthday tickling session, and wasn’t sexual. And despite numerous attempts by Beck to get Massa to name specific incedents of corruption, Massa relied only in vagarities, telling people  to “get active.”

From Politics Daily:

Beck also asked specific questions about Massa’s allegations of political corruption behind his ouster, but Massa provided no details. When Beck asked what people need to know about the system, Massa suggested that they call their members of Congress and demand better from their representatives, because he can’t change the system.

“Bull crap! Bull crap, sir!” Beck said angrily.

What seemed to perplex Beck the most, though, was Massa’s willingness to leave Congress so quickly when no charges against him have been proven.

“Your honor is at stake. I don’t buy the fact that you’re leaving over tickle fights,” Beck pressed.

Massa said he is not guilty of any criminal or sexually inappropriate behavior, but that he’s simply too tired to fight. “For 30 years I’ve been doing it. I can’t fight this. I can’t fight cancer. I can’t fight the White House. I can’t fight the Democratic Party. I can’t fight the Republicans. I can’t fight anymore.”

With few new details from Massa, Beck issued his verdict on Massa straight to his audience.

“America, I think I’ve wasted your time. I think this is the first time I have wasted an hour of your time and I apologize for that.”

Beck was obviously frustrated throughout the interview, and it appears that he was duped into giving Massa nothing more than a forum to whine about how he was being beat up for opposing Obamacare. It looks like John McCormack and Michelle Malkin were right: conservatives should have left Massa alone.

Rich Galen at Townhall has more on the train wreck that is Eric Massa.



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