More on Eric Massa, Ethics Probe, Sexual Harassment, Resignation

As a follow up to my previous post on the whole Massa mess, here’s some of the latest.

Massa did not rescind his resignation, and did in fact resign his seat, despite his claims he would consider rescinding his resignation if his claims to have been framed became a big national story. It did. He still resigned. I’m still inclined to believe that there is something more going on here. He announced his resignation before he knew what he was being investigated for. Yet he’s talking about the alleged sexual harrassment openly, and doesn’t seem to be too worried about it, and apparently the story was widely known in Democratic circles. So why would he be so worried that he would resign? What else is he worried about coming out? He didn’t try to fight it, and assumed that whatever was coming would be really bad, and while the sexual harrassment claim is bad, it doesn’t seem to be bad enough. We’ll see what else comes out.

Meanwhile, the White House is decrying Massa’s claims of being forced out for opposing Obamacare. Given Obama’s history of forcing political opponents out of elections, I think I could buy the setup story, especially given the timing of the investigation. But I could also buy that Massa is just trying to cover his own ass.

Paul at Power Line is skeptical of Massa’s setup story. He brings up points similar to mine, that the sexual harassment story doesn’t seem big enough to warrant an immediate resignation.

John McCormack at the Weekly Standard cautions conservatives against supporting Massa because of his opposition to Obamacare. Michelle Malkin agrees. While the saying goes that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” it should be remembered that Massa opposes Obamacare because it isn’t liberal enough, and he has a history of far-left rhetoric, including support of the Fairness Doctrine.

Moe Lane at Red State suggests that looking into how the ethics investigation was set up could help verify whether is was a setup or not, and what motivations may have been present. I’m interested mostly because I want to see what else was included in the investigation, but pursing the affair may serve as a distraction for other actions on the part of congress or the Administration.

More as it comes…


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