Ann Kirkpatrick Pushes for Congressional Pay Cut

Finally, a Democrat I can agree with:

Kirkpatrick’s office estimates the proposal, which if passed would take effect at the beginning of 2011, would save $4.66 million a year. Though it’s slight compared with the $12.5 trillion debt, Kirkpatrick, who supported the $1 trillion health insurance overhaul, argued that it’s hard to justify pay increases.

“The last time Congress took a cut in pay was 77 years ago. I don’t know anyone who has not had a pay cut in 77 years,” she said.

So far, 21 lawmakers — Democrats and Republicans — have signed on as co-sponsors. It’s being considered by two House committees.

Personally, I’m inclined to think that we can cut their salaries by more than %5, but hey, it’s a start. Now if only she’d be open to more braod-scale budget cuts …


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