More Health Care in Cuba

A little while ago I commented on Humberto Fontova’s Townhall column about Cuba’s health care system, as well as Chris Field’s further exploration of the issue. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the state of health care in Cuba, how horrible it is, and how desperate left-wingers in the US are to depict it as some kind of grand achievement despite its abysmal failure, please take the time to look over Fontova’s original column and Field’s blog post. There are several pictures that Field posts, and I link to some videos smuggled out of Cuba showing the state of health care there.

Fontova has more for us. In a new column at Townhall, Fontova continues to expose the horrors of socialized medicine in Cuba.

Apparently tormented by their consciences, two Spanish Journalists have just released mea-culpa books (sadly available only in Spanish) about this conniving. “Self-censorship is a very common practice,” one writes. “No journalist on the island can write the truth of what happens there.” Whatever their faults, at least these Spanish journalists finally came clean. On the other hand, Barbara Walters, Dan Rather, Andrea Mitchell, Ted Turner, Herbert Matthews, etc. etc. etc?

The Cuban health stories ignored or buried by the MSM would require an entire 24-hour network broadcasting for five decades to disclose. Senor Marzo Fernandez, an economist who (until defecting in 1996) served as Secretary General of Castro’s Ministry of Nutrition, gets us started.

“The average height of Cubans has decreased by 8 centimeters in the past 25 years.” He reported on Miami television. “For the first time in Cuban history, thousands of Macrocepahlic children (abnormally large heads in proportion to their bodies) due to protein (primarily milk) deficiencies have been found in the eastern provinces.”

This in a country that prior to the glorious revolution enjoyed a lower infant-mortality rate and more doctors and dentists per-capita than half of European countries, plus a larger middle class than Switzerland

Read the whole thing here.


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