Shut Up

Here’s a really good video from a while back that the Reaganite Republican brought back to my attention. It’s one of the first videos that Andrew Klavan did for PJTV, in which he discusses the most often used argument by those on the Left: Shut Up. Well worth the five minutes.


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  1. #1 by JeremyWestenn on Sun 07 Mar 2010 - 23:58

    Heretic, I can’t believe you’d entertain stupid stuff like that. I seem to recall, not to long ago, boycott campaigns against entertainers if they had a different view, and I vividly remember Fox News running with a, ” Support the President or your not patriotic campaign, ” all leading to the same conclusion- shut up if you don’t like it.

    It’s silly man.

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Mon 08 Mar 2010 - 11:14

      Boycott campaigns? What boycott campaigns? Are you talking about the Dixie Twins? Do you mean to tell me that people can’t decide not to listen to someone’s music if that person says stupid things? Do you still listen to John Mayer after his anti-gay slurs? I don’t recall that there was an actual coordinated boycott — people just didn’t want to heard them anymore. And not buying someone’s product is different from making it so that they couldn’t say what they wanted.

      What Fox News campaign are you talking about? I don’t recall any such campaign, and in fact O’Reilly and Hannity both said on several occasions that disagreeing with the president did not make you un-American. How about the Obama Administration labeling Tea Partiers as un-American? Why is protesting the president, which has been so in vogue for eight years, suddenly un-American? How about global warming skeptics being un-American?

      But let’s look at the facts: Fairness Doctirine – limited speech over talk radio. Speech codes a college campuses. Prominent conservatives denied speaking engagements, while radical leftists are accepted. Speeches by conservatives constantly disrupted by leftist protesters, often through physical attack or threats of violence. Political correctness, which was a doctrine developed in the Soviet Union to limit what could or could not be said. These are all means of silencing debate and expression of opinion, and unlike not buying a CD, these are accomplished through the use of force — through threat of violence or implementation of government power.

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