Tea Parties and Race

The Left has been working overtime to push the meme that the Tea Party movement is racist, presumable because only racist people would oppose the policies of a black president, or some such nonsense. One of the oft-repeated slurs is that you simply don’t see any people of color at Tea Parties. Is it true that Tea Parties are whites only?

Well, it seems that CNN and Opinion Research did a poll(.pdf) to see how many black people can be found at Tea parties. And the results were shocking! They showed that no black people or people of any minority group can be found at a Tea Parties anywhere, and all the white people wear white robes and burn crosses the statistical representation of blacks at Tea Parties was consistent with the statistical representations of blacks in the general population. In short, if blacks were more visible at Tea Parties, they would be over-represented.

Jonolan at Reflections from a Murky Pond has a pretty good breakdown and analysis of the data that were collected in the poll.

There is just no measurable basis for the Liberal politicians, power brokers, and their MSM operatives argument that the lack of Blacks in the Tea Party movement is proof or evidence that the Tea Parties are racist or have a racist agenda.

Are there racists who are Tea Partiers? In the words of Sarah Palin, You Betcha! ;-) You can find racist in any group of people, Black, Brown, White, Yellow, or Red, so of course you can find them in the Tea Parties as the MSM has taken great pains to do.

Is there any indication that they are anything more than a fringe element of the movement? No so far, but better and fuller judgment of the matter would have to weight for more data and analysis.

Is it about race? Is the lack of Black members and supporters an indication or proof that the Tea Parties are racists? The statistics indicate otherwise – and voluntary membership demographics are both a poor and frankly dangerous measure of racism for anyone to espouse using.


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  1. #1 by jonolan on Sat 06 Mar 2010 - 08:43

    Thanks! That post took a bit effort so I’m glad people some value it.

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