Right-Wing Venom and Hate

Newsbuster has two very interesting cases that show the hatred, contempt, and venom that right-wingers routinely spew about their political opponents.

For our first case study, we turn to the far-right archconservative Tea Party extremist Bill Maher. Commenting on the recent shooting at the Pentagon, Maher commented that he wished the shooter, who was killed by police, had been Glenn Beck (video at the link):

BILL MAHER: Now, speaking of crazy white people, you know about the Truthers? You know who these people are? I had to throw them out of the studio one night. These people who think 9/11 was an inside job, that the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile. Well, yesterday one of them tried to shoot his way into the Pentagon. Or did he? This sad, he left a, they got him, but you know, he left a rambling, paranoid manifesto on the Internet about how the government was going after his freedom. You know, it’s sad. When we see crazy, senseless deaths like this, we can only ask why, why, why couldn’t it have been Glenn Beck?

This is nothing new for Maher, who infamously commented that he wished that an assasination attempt on then Vice-President Dick Cheney had been successful.

In our next case, radical religious-right neocon extremist Sean Penn, in an interview, said that he hoped people who criticized his politics died of rectal cancer (video at the link).

LARA LOGAN: Does it make you angry when people talk about, you know, ‘Sean Penn, the Hollywood star, the movie star, coming in and trying to do something,’ and they’re kind of cynical about it?


LOGAN: Do you hate that question?

PENN: No. I guess I’ve been so away from it all, [in] our tent camp in Haiti, that I haven’t had an awful lot of time to pay attention to them. You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah, you know, but I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.

Man, are those right-wingers vicious! No one on the Left would ever show this much hatred and venom for their political opponents, because liberalism is all about tolerance, understanding, and peace. Oh, wait — Maher and Penn are both big left-wingers? Oh, well then nevermind, nothing to see here ….


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