MSNBC Finally Gets Ratings Boost

Nice Deb comments on the irony of how MSNBC’s latest insanity — an idiotic rant by host Dylan Ratigan about how the Tea Party is evil, racist, homophobic, eats babies, etc. — has massively increased the network’s visibility. At least on YouTube.

This is what’s so nice about YouTube; it allows you to view these mutants on MSNBC without ever having to tune into their station. Which I avoid doing at all costs.

The video clip of  Ratigan ranting insanely about the NAZI RACISTS at the tea parties went viral, and became the  Most Viewed News/Politics video of the day.  It even became the 26th most popular clip on YouTube as a whole.

Yes, the delicious irony. This clip has proven so popular, yet MSNBCs ratings continue to slide into the depths of Tartarus.

And I must say, rabid leftists screaming, ranting, and foaming at the mouth about the alleged anger and hatred of the evil, horrible, racist, homophobic, terrorist, kitten-killing teabaggers! ™ never gets old. Nothing is more amusing than people getting angry while accusing other people of being angry.

And of course who benefits the most from MSNBC’s crazy? Fox News:

Deb also brings up another good point:

Guys like this Ratigan fellow, Olbermann,  Max Blumenthol, and the entire  Media Matters stable, who  smear their political adversaries  with charges of racism at the drop of a hat…do they realize that they’re like the boy who cried wolf? Do they realize that while they charge their political enemies with  racism (sexism, homophobia, Nazism, baby-eating…) because they disagree with our politics, and want to destroy us, real examples of racism etc. are undermined?

If I can be called a racist simply because I think that Obama is spending too much, how serious are people likely to take claims of racism that are legitimate?


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