Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Counterculture Conservative presents the story of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman from Somalia who has risked her life criticizing the treatment of women in the Islamic world.  Ali was the author of the screenplay for Theo Van Gogh’s film Submission, for which he was condemned and killed. I think her story is compelling enough as it is, but Counterculture Conservative pays particular attention to how Ali’s story is largely ignored by the radical feminist movement:

Predictably, western feminists have largely ignored her for fear of upsetting the PC apple cart.  The Leftwing Coalition is a tenuous one held together, not by any common philosophy, but only by their mutual loathing of the Right and by how much of the public coffer they can extract for their own individual special interest and identity groups.  Seen in this political context it becomes clear why the Vagina Warriors are more concerned with multicultural PC than they are with female oppression under Islam.  Recall these are the same people who made a bigger stink about Tim Tebow’s Superbowl commercial than they do about honor killings.  Remember, these are PROFESSIONAL feminists we’re talking about here.  And Tim Tebow is the best they can do?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s story is related in the following video (3 parts). Worth looking at if you have the time.


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