Tea Party Extremists

The buzz that has been generated by the left and the mainstream media is that the Tea Party movement is filled with violent, racist, hate-mongering, unenlightened, ignorant, theocratic, anti-government militia types that want people to fly airplanes into federal offices. It seems to be accepted that agreeing in any way with positions advocated by the Tea Party makes you a John Birch birther seperatist militia who jumps when Glenn Beck sneezes and froths at the mouth whenever the neurons in Bill Maher’s elitist brain make connections to each other.

Well, it’s utter nonsense, of course. Despite that, the Left — and especially the liberal media — seems obsessed with pushing the narrative that conservatives are fighting to purge themselves of extremists and whackjobs. Given that the Left has never cared much about the proponderance of truthers, Bush Blaming, Palin-haters, anarchists, eco-terrosist, and others that the media often cover for and portray as more mainstream than they are, the whole thing seems a little, well, hypocritical, I suppose.

Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News takes on this bogus narrative, pointing out the simple and obvious fact that the Tea Party movement is by no means extremist in any form, that the whackos are already usually rejected, and that the Left not only seems disinterested in purging itself of its own whackos, but it idolizes them.

As clownish left-wing commentators such as Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, John Stewart or Stephen Colbert point fingers and guffaw at the fringes of the right and as the New York Times and Politico stroke their chins and look down their noses at the unruly tea party movement, it must be noted that none of these folks ever uttered a cross word against the Code Pink wackos, the communist infiltrators, anti-war hippies, Stalinist apologists, pro-abortion extremists, Euro-trash half-wits, eco-terrorists, and outright anarchists that have filled the left’s ranks since the birth of the new left after WWII.

At every lefty protest representatives of these hatemongering groups abound. They can be found on the campus of every American college and university, as well. But are these dangerous extremists ever discussed in our Old Media outlets when they highlight lefty movements? Never. The left’s extremists are simply never mentioned. It is as if every left-wing group in America is filled with conscientious old grandmothers and idealistic young folks innocently avowing their rights as citizens of the world. Never are the violence prone, the hateful nutcases, or the drugged out losers that fills the American left ever highlighted.

But watch out. Should one guy with a misspelled sign, a few goofy guys dressed as founding fathers, or one guy with a gun show up at a tea party and even conservatives start quaking in fear the their movement can’t be taken seriously.

Read the whole thing here. Includes video.


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