Yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the McDonald case, in which it will decide if the Second Amendment actually applies to the States. Unlike the rest of the Bill of Rights, which has been acknowledged to be incorporated to the states through the 14th Amendment, the Second Amendment has not had such recognition, so left-wing politcians and activists have seen fit to infringe the right to bear arms as they please, usually by resorting to spurious arguments and fabricated data.

In the McDonald case, Chicago’s somplete ban on owning firearms is being challenged. In light of the overturning of a similar ban in Washington DC, prospects for this ban being overturned look good.

The best analysis so far comes from Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy (includes a link to the transcript of the oral arguments). Clarice Feldman at American Thinker also comments. Ken Klukowski at Townhall also presents a rather thorough analysis, as does Doctor Zero. Jacob Sollum at Reason Magazine looks at some of the possible further implications that the decision may have, such as how the right to bear arms might be applied outside of the home an into public spaces.

All worthwhile reads if you have the time.

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