The California College Revolt

Donald Douglas at American Power takes a look at an upcoming “protest” (i.e. riot) at the university he works at. Disguised as a union protest against cuts to the education budget, the movement is working with communist and anarchist groups advocating an “occupation” and seizure of private property across the state in order to acquire the resources they desire for their goals. Where  come from, we call that “theft,” but apparently they call it “revolution.” Whatever.

It’s a lengthy review, with lots of pics and video, and links.

This movement appears to be related to the recent riots in Berkeley against higher tuition and sub sandwiches. Yes, sub sandwiches. It appears that the desire to riot, destroy other people’s property, and terrorize law-abiding citizens is so great that any “cause,” no matter how trivial or moronic, will be cling to in order to justify it. Neal McClusky at the Cato Institute highlights this idiocy.

Revolution! It’s all the rage! We will fight for … um … something, I guess. Hey, let’s smash stuff!


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