Half the Service at Twice the Price

Ralph Reiland at the American Spectator takes a look at the promises made by Obamacare as far as cost versus service, and compares them to the cost estimates of other government programs. The outlook is not too good, as every government programs in history has drastically exceeded its cost estimates and generally performed far poorer than expected. And the more grand scale the social engineering plan, the more dramatic the failure, and the harder it is to reform or kill.

I will say, though, that I disagree with the article’s title. Collectivism in America does not have as spectacular a history of failure. Government run collectivism does. Many private and religious communes have proven fairly successful, most especially groups like the Hutterites. Communal and collectivist living and economic planning can work, if that’s how the people in the community choose to live. In a free market capitalist society, if people choose to live collectively and share property in common, they can. Socialist societies do not afford that choice to those who wish to live individual lives.


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