Tea Party in California Opposed as “Seditious”

An upcoming get together for conservatives in Mill Valley, California, has met with some unexpected opposition — from a former AP journalist, who has called for the local government to cancel the event and “make a stand against this movement, which [she] view[s] as seditious”. Sally Zelikovsky at American Thinker comments:

By movement, she is referring to the Tea Parties.  By seditious, she is just plain wrong.  Tea Parties have been popping up across the land to protest an ever-expanding government that is taxing more, spending more and intruding more on individual liberties.  The Tea Party movement is not about subverting the Constitution but restoring constitutional governance.

Phelan has asked the city to target a select group of citizens and deny them the right to assemble peaceably simply because they do not share her political beliefs.  This former reporter obviously missed the lecture in journalism school about the First Amendment’s protection of speech and right to assemble peaceably-I’m confident that the absurdity of a journalist seeking to squelch the speech of others, while exercising her own, will not be lost on the reader.   These rights exist irrespective of the form of government and cannot be applied selectively or abridged by the government.  No matter how determined Phelan is to have the city silence conservatives, thankfully, she will fail.
During the Bush administration, the Left commenced with an orgy of protests and demonizations against the president, which included, but was by no means limited to, death threats, calls for revolution and violence, and comparisons to Hilter and Nazis. Now that Democrat is in office, suddenly disagreeing with the president is racist un-American, and somehow seditious. And it is now no longer enough to paint Tea Partiers as ignorant and rascist — now people are actively attempting to supress their right to free speech.
Par for the course.


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