Woman Sentenced for False Rape Charges

The New York Post carries the story. A woman falsely accused a man of rape, and he was convicted and sentenced to prison. After four years, new DNA evidence was introduced that proved the man innocent. She then admitted that her story was false, after a priest she had confessed to urged her to tell the truth.

It turned out Gonzalez robbed McCaffrey of four years of his life for the most trivial of reasons.

She’d been hanging out with a group of girlfriends when she accepted an invitation to get into his car.

After she returned, her pals were furious that she’d ditched them — so she made up the rape story to gain their sympathy.

She was convicted of perjury and sentenced to 1-3 years.

Cases like this only hurt real rape cases. Any rapist with a good lawyer can use cases like this to spin a “she made this up to cover her ass” excuse. The fact that there are women who do make accusations of rape to cover affairs or other dalliances makes it worse. More importantly, the desire to solve a crime — even one as heinous as rape — quickly should not give way to bias on the hands of investigators.

Hat Tip to Euguene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy.

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