The Conservative Closet

I’m a college student. Being conservative on a college campus can prove tricky, especially for a grad student. Enduring rants againts Fox News and Glenn Beck during lectures is nothing unusual for me. I’m also — shall we say, unconventional in my religious beliefs and practices, and my co-religionsists are frequently of a liberal persuasion. This can make my political beliefs a point of contention at times. Sometimes it may be easier to hide my beliefs, and on occasion I do actively avoid commenting on politics because I know it’s just not the place to do so.

Artist Robert Jones, featured columnist at Conservative Punk, discusses the “Conservative Closet,” especially as it relates to the art scene. Art is becoming increasingly more politicized, to the point where politics trump talent, and those politics are generally far-left. Jones writes about the urge to hide one’s political views in an environment hostile to them.

You’ve censored who you are in order to stay safe, fit in, and pass by unnoticed.  But your real self looks upon your artist self with nothing but scorn and shame, because deep down, you fear that you have sold out in some more insidious way than by prostituting your art.

You tell yourself it’s not your fault, because you know that the selfsame “tolerant” lefties have stacked the deck against Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians.  They get away with it because of Political Correctness, you tell yourself.

But then, from out of the past comes the stinging rebuke that maybe they are not the only ones culpable for this bad scene.  The admonition that, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” echoing in your mind comes not from Edmund Burke, but your own conscience.

Yes, when the intolerant left finds out about your clandestine conservatism, of course your art career will be ruined:  You have already abdicated the sanctity of your conscience by prostrating yourself before people who hate what you stand for.  Why should they suddenly respect you when they already know you’re lacking in spine and stomach?

Or, you can take some schooling from Don Vito Corleone: “You can act like a man! What’s the matter with you?”  I have never had the problems so many conservative artists have with liberals because I have never played this self-defeating charade of hiding my political beliefs.  I don’t bash people over the head with them, but at gallery openings and such I don’t let an insult go by without at least offering an “I disagree with that.”  If you are forthright about who you fully and truly are from the start, then you set the terms by which others deal with you, not they.


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  1. #1 by jonolan on Fri 26 Feb 2010 - 15:12

    There are but two rules:

    1 – The opinions of Liberals are of no consequence to Americans unless those Liberals hold power over Americans

    2 – Any and all steps must be undertaken to never allow a Liberal to have power over Americans.

    Follow those two simple rules and all with be well with you and with this country.

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Fri 26 Feb 2010 - 18:39

      I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that the opinions of liberals are of no consequence. Any society that values liberty and free discourse should at least give for to the opinions of others. And I will not agree with the statement that “any and all steps” should be taken to prevent anything — that’s a dangerous path to start down.

      In the end run, the main goal is to maintain liberty. Liberal policies inhibit liberty, and should be opposed.

      • #3 by jonolan on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 05:48

        I would say that Liberals inhibit liberty and must be opposed; their policies are just their weapons.

        In any war you must block or evade the enemy’s weapons but you strike the enemy, not the weapon in order to win.

      • #4 by The Republican Heretic on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 14:15

        But you strike with your own weapons, which in our case would be liberty and reason. Suppressing ideas and opinions you don’t like or find “dangerous” is the exact kind of action I oppose liberalism for.

        In a free marketplace of ideas, history, reason, and fact will always eventually belie socialism. It is always best to allow someone to freely express his or her thoughts so that ideas that don’t work can be pointed to and discredited.

      • #5 by jonolan on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 15:27

        Sure, of course. I never said to silence them, only to dismiss them. Let them say whatever they want; let them wish for anything they want; just don’t ever allow them to be in a position to implement those anti-American desires.

  2. #6 by Jeremy Westenn on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 19:38

    Jonolan, on one hand you say stop them in any way- militantly, and then immediately following that say further down that you really just meant to say dismiss them. The sort of at war, you are the enemy mentality is part of the reason why your side is consistently loosing elections. Run your ideas and see if people elect you, that’s how you combat the opposition. Not by nerd raging over the internet in a false pretense of civil war or better yet revolution.

    I don’t agree with a lot of what Republican Heretic believes, but he has the right to it and he has the right to try and implement into government. /shrug

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