Support for Gay Conservative Groups

John Hawkins at Right Wing News calls for support for gay conservative groups:

Is the attitude supposed to be, well, he agrees with me on tax code, personal savings accounts in social security, free market health care reform, concealed carry, and he’s a fan of Tom Coburn — but, he’s gay and favors same sex marriage so he’s not welcome? So, are prominent lesbians in the movement like Tammy Bruce and Liz Cheney not welcome either? Give me a break. That’s ridiculous.

Yes, like most conservatives, I am not ever going to see eye-to-eye with GOProud on gay marriage. Of course, I am probably not ever going to see eye-to-eye with Paleocons on trade, diehard social conservatives on banning pornography, Libertarians on foreign policy, and Sarah Palin on her endorsement of John McCain. So what? Are we all going to splinter off now? Yes, it’s important to stick to our principles, but there also has to be some room for disagreement as well. We do need to be able to say, “Yeah, we may disagree sometimes, but we’re still on the same side and can work together on a lot of issues.”

It bothers me that so many so-called conservatives are willing to shun people that agree with them on almost every position except for one, especially when that issue really doesn’t have a cogent political argument against it, and usually relies upon a religious one.

It was good that GOProud was at CPAC. It was better than when someone decided to bash GOProud, he was booed off stage:


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