Fake TEA Partiers

Nice Deb presents a comprehensive analysis on left wing groups seeking to copy the success of the TEA Party movement. Included are groups attempting to emulate the grassroots nature of the TEA Parties (through carefully organized and well-funded means), groups attempting to present themselves as “anti-Tea Party,” and groups that seek to capitalize on the name “Tea Party” and use it to represent left-wing groups and candidates, apparently in the hopes of fooling conservatives into supporting them (or to discredit legitimate Tea Party groups).

First they ignored us. Then they laughed at us. Then, they lashed out. Now, they want to be us.

It’s as if the left has finally decided, if you can’t beat them – join them. Sort of. Of course, they have no intention of joining the tea party movement. What they want to do is leech off of its success, thinking that some of the grassroots magic that has been taking place since Obama first introduced his dreadful stimulus bill, can somehow rub off on them, if they just come up with a cute, catchy name ending in ‘agger’.


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