Anti-IRS Nutjob Hero?

After a nutjob flew a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, the Left immediately blamed conservatives and “teabaggers” for formenting anti-government fervor and driving Andrew Joseph Stack to crashing his plane as an act of defiance against the government. In doing so, they ignored the ramblings of his suicide note, which decried the lack of health care reform, demonized the Catholic Church, banks, and George W. Bush, and slammed capitalism as greedy. In short, he was way too far to the left to be a Tea Partier, and was way to crazy to belong solidly to any political ideology.

Now, after their demonizing and blaming of the right for this tragedy, the Left seems to have gotten around to actually reading Stack’s suicide note, and likes what it sees. Tim Cavanaugh at Reason Magazine tells us:

[A] strange counterforce has been developing, visible in the comment boards on lefty websites and Facebook. The left’s creepy efforts to turn Stack into a club with which to hit advocates of lower taxes and smaller government keep getting met with responses, from other lefties, along these lines: “I read his manifesto, and you know, a lot of his points make sense.”


[T]he left’s lionization of Stack (coupled always with coy admissions that his methods may have gone too far) edges into creepiness with Rich Benjamin’s analysis of the multiple murderer’s “real populist grievances.” Excerpt:

Deplorable though he might be, Stack is not quite a “random bad apple.” His act might be uncommon, but his jumbled populism is not. His crime is in no way excusable, but it spotlights a larger problem that both political and corporate elites like to caricature or dismiss: visceral populist anger.

Stack may have suffered from mental illness, but he is also an acute symptom of this nation’s neglected wounds.

The fire this time inflicted just two deaths (including Stack) and injuries to 13 victims. The fire next time may be more traumatic.

We dismiss his screed, suicide and crime as “lunatic” at our own risk.

To be fair, Benjamin does a pretty good job of tracking the jumble of Stack’s politics. But that’s the problem: thinking we can learn anything from the ideology of this stupid, unemployable, hate-filled loser. Any moron can inflict violence on himself and others. The excuses are completely interchangeable.

This is standard for the Left. Someone does something stupid and outrageous, and the Left blames the Right. After decrying the Right, the Left defends the motivations of the stupid person, while clarifying that hey disagree with the methods employed (despite all historical evidence to the contrary). Watch for the narrative to switch from “Stack was a teabagger!” to “Stack was driven to insanity by legitimate complaints that are the fault of the teabaggers!” As long as conservatives can be blamed, the Left will be happy.

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