First Ladies’ Pet Projects

Zombie has something nice to say about Michelle Obama’s project to stop childhood obesity.

I agree with Michelle Obama.

There. I said it — something I thought I’d never say.

American kids are overweight, to such an extent that this is threatening to become a national crisis.

Then again, I also agree with Nancy Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, and Laura Bush.

Because every First Lady of the United States adopts a non-controversial pet project. Ranging from Nancy’s Reagan’s “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign to Lady Bird Johnson’s Beautification program, it is a First Lady’s traditional role to promote some form of public betterment with which we can all agree.

Zombie goes on to analyze the success and impact of First Ladies since the 1930’s. He’s even nice enough to present a chart to make things easier to look over. Read the full article at Pajamas Media.


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