Coercion and Liberty

Jed Gladstein at American Thinker addresses a very interesting and imprtant subject — the use of coercion by government to attain certain goals, even what are seen as higher0minded or enlightened goals.

It is a profound mistake to believe that people can be compelled to acquire a higher level of consciousness by coercion. This applies to all forms of consciousness – spiritual, social and political. That is because coercion is a negative force. When applied, it produces resistance in the person upon whom it is exerted.


At a tactical level, coercion is effective and arguably necessary. But, at a strategic level, coercion is always inferior to persuasion, because persuasion taps into Free Will and thus has the power to circumvent the resistance that coercion inevitably engenders.

Our national government today is controlled by people who do not understand that coercion is strategically unworkable in a democratic Republic. Executive orders that establish Czars who rule dictatorially over people’s lives, and legislative enactments that criminalize how people live their lives, inevitably produce resistance in the citizenry.

That first point is vitally important. People cannot be compelled to higher levels of consciousness. People who believe themselves to be on these higher levels often look down upon those they believe to exist in the fog of lower levels. Those among the higher levels are an elite, are smarter, better, more evolved. Those who cling to the lower levels of consciousness are obviously less evolved, and need the guidance of the more evolved to help them along, like a Bodhisattva helping one to enlightenment. Those unevolved people just don’t understand; they don’t know what’s best for them. So the enlightened people will compel them to certain courses of action, under the belief that they know what’s best. And the unenlightened will eventually evolve. Or they’ll die trying, but it;s for their own good.

And that, my friends, is progressivism in a nutshell. The belief that progress must be made to some kind of enlightened utopia, and that the ignorant masses must be forced to evolved and get with the program, or be eliminated so they won’t muck it up.

Such a system is diametrically opposed to any kind of liberty. Any action or thought deemed not in the best interest of progress is deemed dangerous and prevented or stamped out. Sure, you can be free, but only if you choose the kind of freedom in which the enlightened determine what is best for you.

This is how the progressive aristocracy thinks about America. That the people of this country are too stupid to understand what’s best for them, because if they knew any better, they’d agree with the progressives. And they should be forced to comply, because it’s for their own good.


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