Violence in Vancouver

Riots have broken out on the streets of Vancouver, ostensibly to protest the Olympics, but probably to satiate the primal desire for childish, irresponsible people gripped with greed to assert their will by destroying the property and livelihood of others. But what are their political motivations? We have been warned time and time again by the media and the government that the evil, mean conservatives and the vile Tea Party folks are just brimming with hatred and violence. Has the right wing snapped?

From Counterculture Conservative:

Angry, racist, misogynist, hate-filled rightwing Teabaggers take to the streets in a violent frenzy against America’s first black president, Barack Obama.


A small joke, gentle readers.  Here rather we have the usual suspects of the revolutionary Left.  Regular peace-loving flower children.


The Liberal-controlled media doesn’t tell you this, but the Left is violent, angry and revolutionary.  They don’t tell you this because their sympathies lie with these goons.

The media does tend to be silent on the source of most of this kind of violence. For all of the fear-mongering about the evil, scary right-wingers, virtually all violent outbursts that I can think of in the past 50 years (or more) have been from the Left. There have been countless “peace protests” that have devolved into riots in short order. In fact, I can’t think of any examples of violent Right-wing riots off the top of my head, and that surprises me, because if there were one, I’m certain the media would cover it to death and mention some combination of “far,” “right,” “wing,” and “extremist” at every opportunity.


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