Rhode Island School District Pwnage

Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News comments on a rather startling event in Rhode Island: a school district superintendant, dissatified with the dismal performance at a particular high school, fired all of the school’s teachers and administrators.

[I]n Central Falls, Rhode Island School Superintendent Frances Gallo has fired an entire high school’s worth of teachers and administrators over a labor dispute.

Central Falls High School is situated in one of the poorest sections of Rhode Island yet the teachers there make between $72 and $78 thousand per year, far above the mean income of the area. The school is also performing dismally.

So, Superintendent Gallo told teachers that they would have to work perhaps twenty-five minutes more per day and help tutor the students. Naturally the un-caring teachers union refused — proving once again that education and the kids are not of interest to a union.

The union wouldn’t budge so Super Gallo just fired them all.

The union will probably prevail and the superintendant will probably be fired, but it’s about time someone stood up to the teachers’ unions and started addressing real issues in our failing education systems — like ineffective teachers.


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  1. #1 by JeremyWestenn on Wed 17 Feb 2010 - 11:42

    I think that is terrific.

    One, you’re paid for your work quality and your performance. I think it’s terrific to let them all go, get different teachers, perhaps better ones, and save a ton of money for the district.

    I’ll also say that I am a supporter of Unions, they do a lot of good. Trust me, no one wants to be at the mercy of big business in a construction or cloth making industry. However, Unions have gotten a little big and have hurt themselves in raising the cost of labor. You can’t expect to make X amount of money for your job when the revenue from the business can’t sustain it! It’s incomprehensible! It’s part of the reason why jobs have gone over sea!!

    • #2 by The Republican Heretic on Wed 17 Feb 2010 - 18:57

      The big issue is teacher unions, which are notorious for making it impossible to fire anyone, especially anyone with tenure. In New York they have a building where teachers they can’t fire sit at a desk all day and still get full salary and benefits. And then they demand more funding for the schools!

      Here’s one for you from Reason Magazine: How to Fire an Incompetent Teacher

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