Right-Wing Socialists

C. Edmund Wright of American Thinker comments on the insistence of the Left and the mainstream media of pretending the Nazis and fascism are somehow right-wing. There is plenty of historical and philosophical evidence against this (best documented in Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism). Wright illustrates the Big Lie in the MSM that Nazis were right-wingers by pointing to a recent Reuter’s Article. Wright comments:

We all know that branding today’s conservatives with a Nazi or neo-Nazi heritage is nothing new. The left has been doing it for decades, including the ridiculous rant from Nancy Pelosi specifically tying the Tea Partys to Nazi’s a few months ago.

This does not change the fact that nothing could be further from the truth. The Nazi’s were indeed economic socialists with a deep foundation in atheism. In this way, they are much like the Democrat fringe base of today as well as many elected officials.

The fact that their preference was for a race of blue eyed blonds has allowed a government school educated populace to buy the myth of the conservative tie. Conservatives must not let them get away with it any more. After all, if the National Socialists of Germany were so repulsive, why are American leftists trying to push many – not all – but many of the same principles of governance on our country today


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