Phil Jones Comes Clean

Marc Sheppard has a full analysis on Phil Jone’s recent comments on climate change and the Climategate scandal. Some highlights:

Imagine a man who has spent the better part of the past 25 years toiling to convince the world of CO2-forced 20th-century warming now admitting that the difference in warming rates for the periods 1860-1880, 1910-40 and 1975-2009 is statistically insignificant. Jones even acceded that there has been no statistically-significant global warming since 1995; that in fact, global temperatures have been trending to the downside since January of 2002, although he denied the statistical significance of the -0.12C per decade decline.


Despite repeated debunking, the embattled [hockey-stick] chart continues to languish in U.N. climate reports, its portrayal of unprecedented 20th-century warming a major sales tool to those wishing to influence everything from domestic energy policy to international “climate-debt” reparations. All based on the ostensibly “settled science” that the waste-products of mankind’s economic expansion are dangerously increasing temperatures and ultimately threatening the planet.

And yet, now Jones – who was a contributing author of the same TAR WG1 report which featured the fraudulent chart — admits that the science behind it isn’t settled at all.  In fact, he even admitted that the MWP was “clearly expressed” in the Northern Hemisphere, which it certainly was.

Indeed, we know that, during the MWP, ice-free seas allowed the Vikings to settle a then comfortably warm Greenland, where colonies flourished for many centuries.  Modern archaeologists digging through the island nation’s permafrost have uncovered bones and artifacts attesting to the villages established there early last millennium, as well as the grains that were grown and the livestock that were raised on the farms settlers tended.  We also know that it was the sudden drop in temperatures beginning around the mid-fourteenth century and the ensuing deep-freeze of the LIA that would mark Greenland’s climate reversal and paradise’s end for the intrepid Norse settlers.


Those still unfamiliar with the details of “Mike’s Nature Trick” can read my full analysis here.  In a nutshell, the Climategate conspirators found it necessary to terminate certain proxy-generated (from tree ring density measurements) series at the 1960 mark and splice on “actual” temperature readings (which we now know were themselves manipulated) to hide the fact that their proxies showed a decline in temperatures at that point.

But remember, the science is settled. No debate will be tolerated. Your activities will be regulated in accordance with the goals of your progressive utopian overlords. Resistance is futile.


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