Massive Pile-up in Kansas City

If my girlfriend hadn’t taken way too long trying on clothes at the store, we may have been in this. Bad weather and zero visibility on several major Kansas City area highways, causing at least two major pile-ups. From what I can tell, blowing snow caused a 30-car pile-up on interstate 35, and silimar conditions led to a 40+ car pile-up on interstate 70. Not a pleasant evening, and made worse by the fact that the roads weren’ that slick — it was mainly a visibility issue.

CBS has pretty thourough coverage, including several of the more minor wrecks in the area. We even got mention in South Dakota, and my dad mentioned seeing coverage on Fox News (although I didn’t pull up a link to that). Most of the other coverage focuses on the I-70 wreck.

All in all, it wasn’t a good night to be out. It certainly ruined my Valentine’s Day plans. At least there were no major injuries reported.


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