Birthers Strike Back

Red State has official banned birthers from its discussion forums and blog comments, for the same reason it has already banned 9/11 truthers: they tend to be slightly insane. Erick Erickson at Red State fills presents a birther attack on him for this move, and responds.

BOLD FACT FOR THE BIRFERS: The time to raise the question was before the man got elected President and as every single court that has heard it has thrown it out, these people are insane. No federal judge would ever throw out the election of a man who was chosen by FIFTY-ONE PERCENT of the American public. Oh, and Obama was born in Hawaii.

SECOND BOLD FACT FOR THE BIRFERS: What do George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Ronald W. Reagan, Jimmy E. Carter, and Barack Obama all have in common besides being elected President? None of them had to present a birth certificate before they ran for office. Why is Obama special? You people just don’t like Hawaiians, do you?

But remember, according to the Left, all conservatives are birthers. Also remember that the birther movement was started by the Left.

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