Still Scary Sarah

Phil Boehkme from American Thinker has an interesting analysis of the whole Sarah Palin crib note nonsesne, which may shed some light into why the Left seems so terrified of her. Thier tactics don’t seem to work on her.

After the palm-gate story broke, Obama’s inner circle more than likely consulted their most holy of holy texts to devise a cunning strategy in their ongoing war against Sarah. There on pages 137-8 of the sacred “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky was the answer that Team Obama was looking for.

It should be remembered that you can threaten the enemy and get away with it. You can insult and annoy him, but the one thing that is unforgivable and that is certain to get him to react is to laugh at him. This causes an irrational anger.

Bingo! We have a winner! Robert Gibbs, the comic genius of the future former president’s staff would get to deliver the blow. The UK Guardian reports.
The White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said he also had something written down on his hand. Breaking off from a question on healthcare reform, he said he planned to make pancakes for his son if the snow in Washington continued. “I wrote ‘eggs’, ‘milk’, ‘bread’, but I crossed out ‘bread’. Then I wrote down ‘hope’ and ‘change’, in case I forgot.”
But Palin didn’t comply with the Left’s expectations. Instead of responding in anger, Palin scored some lulz.
I think this is what is really scary to the Left about Sarah Palin. She’s a down-to-earth person who is more concerned about standing for something than how she’s seen by the elite aristocracy. Palin is able to laugh off these attempts to humilate her, showing she has two things that are lacking on the Left: a sense of humor and a sense of perspective. She is open and honest, and they can’t intimidate her. Given the fact that progressive politics relies almost exclusively on intimidation and coercion, this makes her very dangerous indeed.


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