Maybe Afraid of It/ Let’s Discredit It

Donald Douglas has some interesting comments on the Left’s abject terror of the Tea Party movement and subsequent efforts to destroy it in any way possible.

I wrote yesterday about the “black ‘copter tea party” meme, which is the latest MSM/netroots initiative to discredit and marginalize the tea party movement. In the wake of Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts (where grassroots activists and tea party tweeps helped propel Brown’s campaign to victory) you might have noticed the ratcheted effort on the left to demonize and destroy the tea parties. This week’s renewed debate over Sarah Palin and the right’s crazy “birthers” is just the lastest manifestation. But note that beneath the left’s condescension, there’s a real fear that the resurgent right will make an earthquake comeback in November, with a likely Republican recapture of one or both chambers of the Congress. This scenario could very well destroy the Obama administration’s policy agenda, not to mention Democratic prospects in 2012.

Douglas has a fun video and includes some comments and analysis on the recent uncovering of unions paying for anti-Tea Party websites.

The Left is terrified of the Tea Party movement because it is a true grassroots movement, something they have never been able to actually pull off. The people are speaking, and nothing upsets a progressive leftist more than the great unwashed having a voice. So the Left will do whatever it can to discredit the Tea Party movement, which usually involves claiming that Tea Party protesters do things that anti-war protesters do.

On a related note, Lachlan Markay at NewsBusters covers a left-wing smear on the Tea Party movement which attempts to represent a racist — who has been repreatedly rebuffed and repudiated by Tea Party groups — as some kind of Tea Party leader.

The liberal website Talking Points Memo continues to report on a bigoted individual who speciously claims to represent 6 million members of the Tea Party movement as a “leader.”

In fact, he doesn’t represent anyone but himself.

Readers can only infer from TPM’s consistent coverage of one Dale Robertson that the website is attempting to play up the most radical figure it can find who associates with the Tea Party movement. The website referred to Robertson today as a “prominent Tea Party leader” in the first sentence of a story headlined, “‘Warning: Tea Party In Danger’: Leader Slams Palin As ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.'”

But not only doesn’t Robertson represent any faction of the movement, he has also been publicly and consistently rebuffed by a number of Tea Party groups who want nothing to do with his message. Even liberal blogs have noted the duplicity in associating him with the Tea Party movement.


Robertson claims to be a “leader” and a “founder” of the movement, but beyond owning a few choice domain names, all he has done is make some videos, hire a PR guy, and run in front of the TV cameras giving them exactly what they are looking for: racism, sensationalism, and something to damn the Tea Party movement.

Old Media has gobbled it up.

TPM states that that Robertson’s “influence within Tea Party circles is open to question,” but provides no evidence that he has ever had any such influence, or any reason to get the attention he does beyond owning some nice domain names and appearing in the news for holding a controversial sign. Every Tea Party organization he has been involved with, it seems, has repudiated both him and his message.

Yet he is still presented as a “prominent Tea Party leader.” Why?

Because, as many critisc of the mainstream media have noted, the MSM is looking for racist teabaggers, and therefore it is finding them, even if it has to ignore the actual Tea Party movement to do it.


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