Scary, Scary Sarah

Recently White House Press secretary went out of his way to mock Sarah Palin for having some notes written on her hand. Never one to show an abundance of competence or class, Gibbs really outdid himself. Streiff at Red State takes a look at why Gibbs is so bent on ripping on Palin:

A lot of us have wondered why Obama spokestoad Robert Gibbs has been taking every available opportunity to belittle Sarah Palin. It is always unseemly when a paid representative of the President uses his position and taxpayer time to slag on a private citizen or a new organization. Unseemly, of course, is part of the ambiance that you get with the current administration but the frequency of Gibbs’ criticisms stood out even by the cesspool standards of the White House press operation.


[T]he White House, far from dismissing her has pulled on its brown trousers in anticipation of this fight. They are trying to use Alinsky Rule 5 on Palin and it is failing because their opinion doesn’t matter to an increasing number of Americans.

For some reason, Sarah Palin is terrifying to the Left. It may be because she’s an intelligent, charismatic woman who is successful and not a liberal. It may be because she belies the feminist narrative.  It may be because she’s so uppity as to not know her proper place as defined by progressive orthodoxy.

Or it may be because she can beat them.


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  1. #1 by Denise Donnelly on Sat 13 Feb 2010 - 13:03

    Just a taste of what might be employed next – the rest of the rules:

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