But Everyone Else Does It!

American Thinker’s Steve McGregor has a short piece addressing the surprisingly common and not surprisingly juvenile argument used so often by the Left, “Everyone else is doing it!”

Peer pressure is distinctly un-American.  It certainly didn’t factor into the Founding Fathers’ decision to declare independence or establish a Bill of Rights.  To think America would survive without a monarch or a dictator, was an idea so original it was almost irrational.  Thankfully, the Founders decided not to make the New World just like the Old One.  They pursued a course of action based on its own merit, not global popularity.

This is the pulse of American Exceptionalism.  We don’t envy we innovate.  Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed last year that his budget aimed “to create the stronger enterprise culture that America enjoys.”  You don’t have to be an Anthropologist to notice the irony in Mr. Brown’s claim that government ‘creates’ culture.  But he’s right about our competitive spirit.  Did General George Patton announce that, “Americans love a conformist”?  No, “Americans love a winner.”

There’s always the tired old adage in which the mother asks her child if he would conform should his friends all jump off a cliff. Well, most of the countries brought up by this spurious political argument seem to have jumped off some kind of cliff.

In Britain it’s illegal to hire your own private doctor. Does that sound worth doing? Both the UK and Canada place restrictions on free speech that I hope we would never seek to emulate. In France freedom of religion is subordinate to what is seen as properly “French.” Spain, France, and Sweeden have unemployment rates that make our current situation look mild.

Do we want to emulate these models just because they seem to be popular? The whole point of the American experiement was that it protected liberty precicely because no one else was. That is what makes our country great – we break from the tyranny that so many other countries to some degree or another pursue with such gusto.



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