Emergent Sentiments

It has been sugegsted to me several time sthat my interest in politics might be best channeled into a blog of some sort. I have decided to do so. Obviously, this is the result.

I’m a conservative Republican in the midst of Lawrence, Kansas. My interests include religion, history, and law. I’m a strict constitutionalist, and originalist, and my support for limited government probably makes me more libertarian than not. I consider myself a conservative because I believe in limited government and personal liberty, as well as the importance or reason.

I’m a bit of a heretic. I support same-sex marriage and the de-criminalization of victimless crimes. Bring up religion at your own peril. There are many Republicans who would probably rather not have me included in their numbers. I’d rather they not spend so much time legislating morality and working to cut government spending. I suppose it’s best to agree to disagree.

I’m doing this as an interest and (I suppose) a hobby. Posting may not be consistent for a while, and any writing I do will depend upon what else I have on my plate. Much of what I will probably post — at least at first — will consist of links to stories and editorials of interest, be them political, legal, historical, or nerd-related.Comments are welcome, as well as suggestions and input on how I’m doing.

So hopefully I won’t make to much of a fool of myself …



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